Managing Risks and Fraud in Digital Finance


Risk and fraud pose significant strategic and operational threats for digital financial service (DFS) deployments – and reduce customer uptake and usage. This course analyses risk and fraud management from the demand side (customer level) perspective, as well as the supply side (agent network and provider level) perspective, and equips providers with prevention and mitigation strategies.

Course at a glance:
Course at a glance: 

This course provides participants with strategies and tactics for service quality by providers, as well as their agents and customers to manage risk and fraud.  It empowers participants to establish a framework for the sustainable management of risk and fraud within their deployments.

This course will cover the following modules:

  • Risks & DFS Overview
  • Frameworks: Making DFS Safer
  • A Firm Level Approach to Risks
  • Practical Applications of Frameworks in DFS
  • Risk Categorisation and Technology Risks
  • Partner Risks and Customer Risks
  • Agent Management Risks
  • Ethics, Governance and Risk Culture
  • Provider Protection from Fraud
  • Scenarios & Capabilities for Strategic Risk Planning 

Testimonials from Past Participants:

"The training was enlightening especially with respect to group and panel discussions, which provided new insights and viewpoints previously not considered. As a department focus has previously been on fraud risks without taking into account the broader scope of risks facing the industry and potential interdependencies. "Thought provoking" - John Kamanyire - MTN - Uganda

"The facilitators had in-depth knowledge about the course; they were able to provide relevant answers to questions asked. Excellent course, very informative and well delivered by an excellent and knowledgeable faculty in the field of DFS." - Ehigiamusoe Lilian – Lapo MFB – Nigeria


"The course formed for me the understanding of the environment around fraud in DFS and is delivered in a very practical way.  It addresses the problem from a provider's perspective without separating MNOs and banks.  It brought the clarity on what an organisation needs to have in place in order to prevent, detect and mitigate risks and fraud in DFS."  Vladislav Nimerenco, NCELL – Nepal


"The risk and fraud training in DFS is fundamental for any risk manager and any business that has financial inclusion as one of its strategic objectives as it equips the participants with practical ways to implement both short and long term skills to guard against risks in DFS." Catherine Amai - Stanbic – Uganda

Who Should Attend?
Who should Attend: 

Middle to senior level managers in Risk, Compliance, Internal Audit, and Operations departments within mobile network operators, banks, other financial institutions and third party providers looking to strengthen controls to safeguard user funds and to protect their DFS businesses from internal and external fraud. Chief Information Officers and IT managers will also greatly benefit from this course to better manage their internal systems and procedures. 

We recommend 2-3 participants attend from each organisation as experience has shown that teamwork greatly improves dissemination of learning's back to the institution.

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