• 05 Aug 2016
    The Helix Institute of Digital Finance partners with EFInA

    July 25th, 2016: Nairobi: The Helix Institute of Digital Finance in partnership with EFInA recently conducted a 3-day Digital Financial Service for Micro-finance Banks Training in the city of Lagos in Nigeria.

    The main objective of the training, which was held from the 11th to 13th of July 2016, was to introduce the key strategic options that MFBs in Nigeria could adopt while going digital. Critical building blocks for building digital finance models were also introduced. 

  • 31 May 2016
    The Helix Institute Unveils New Courses in Digital Finance

    The Helix Institute of Digital Finance has launched five (5) new course offerings in the market in response to growing demands for market-suited courses in Digital Finance.

    These courses which were borne out of gap analysis and in-depth research carried out by the institute, are tailor made to equip the attendees with the newest and trending market insights in the digital finance space. They are explicitly designed for mobile network operators, banks, financial institutions and third party providers seeking to increase the efficiency and profits of their digital finance business.

  • 04 Mar 2015
    INDONESIA: Masa Tenang Sebelum Badai

    Oleh: Ghiyazuddin Mohammad, Maha Khan

    Pembelajaran dari hasil Survey Jaringan Percepatan Agen, Laporan Nasional dari Indonesia yang diluncurkan pada bulan February 2015

    Tahun lalu, Helix Institute mendiskusikan tentang pentingnya untuk fokus pada tahap awal peluncuran Layanan Keuangan Digital (LKD) sebelum penyebar luasan dilakukan. Tahap awal peluncuran merupakan fase pengembangan yang difokuskan pada proses identifikasi nilai atau manfaat yang ditawarkan ke  pasar/konsumen, menetapkan produk unggulan, merancang proses, menata struktur manajemen, menata sistem/prosedur dan merancang strategi pemasaran dan komunikasi...

  • 24 Feb 2015
    The Potential for Digital Financial Services in Indonesia - Launch of ANA Report

    The Helix Institute of Digital Finance’s ‘Agent Network Accelerator Survey – Indonesia Country Report’ launched in February 2015,  finds that while the newly elected government is determined to mainstream financial inclusion and in particular digital social welfare payments, regulatory restrictions on distribution partnerships as well as limited product offerings are slowing market development.

    Read the press release for more details or read the report in full here: Agent Network Accelerator Survey - Indonesia Country Report 2014

  • 13 Feb 2015

    MicroSave intends to recruit a Quantitative Specialist to join its consulting team in India or Kenya.

    The Specialist will be working on the Agent Network Accelerator Program (ANA), which is the largest research programme in the world looking at digital finance (mobile money and agent banking) from the supply-side. The programme is funded by the Gates Foundation and more recently the United Nations and focuses work on eleven key markets across Africa and Asia. The research conducted is primarily business analytics for the leading banks and telecoms in the industry. The ANA dataset is the first systematic attempt to derive quantitative benchmarks that help providers navigate the cost and complexity of building and managing a sustainable cash-in/cash-out (CICO) agent network across a broad geography. ANA aims to increase global understanding of how to build and manage successful CICO networks in some of the hardest operating environments in the world. The ANA project will analyse more than 25 agent networks in Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya, Nigeria, India, Indonesia, Bangladesh and Pakistan, (and likely Zambia, Senegal, and Benin as well) two to three times, over a period of 4 years. The research is then disseminated through The Helix Institute for Digital Finance.