Optimizing Your DFS Agent Network


Agent Network Management is one of the biggest challenges for expanding mobile money and agent banking roll-outs. Indeed, robust and reliable agent networks are the necessary foundation of any successful deployment of digital financial services (DFS). This course equips industry leaders with effective strategies and powerful tools to build, manage and grow agent networks across a broad geography. 

Course at a glance:
Course at a glance: 

The course is built on a nearly decade of work by MicroSave/The Helix studying and advising the largest DFS agent networks in the world. By taking the course, providers will gain deep insights and knowledge in best practices of successful agent network management, that they can immediately employ in their organisations.

This course will cover the following modules:

  • DFS Constraints Framework
  • Fundamental Principles of Mass Distribution
  • Managing Agent Network Set-up
  • Agent On-boarding
  • Agent Compensation
  • Liquidity Management
  • DFS Risk and Fraud Management 
  • BTL Branding & Marketing Communication
  • Agent Network Monitiring & Support

Testimonials from Past Participants:

"This course is a must for Branchless Banking/MFS providers looking to set up and initiate the roll out of their Agent Networks. It will provide you the basic that you need in order to get started, from how to select an agent, who to select, to monitoring, risk implications and much more! Furthermore, the expert presenters brought in during the course are able to provide on ground realities to the participants rather than just theories." Mohammad Zaayer Nasib – MCB Bank – Pakistan

"Initially I thought the training would be very academic but I realised after day one that it was very practical with a lot of real life experiences. I also appreciate the international information and the different country findings. The cultural differences within the course participants, the mixture of both the telecom and the banks was good in bringing a great mix to the training." Edwin Otieno – KCB – Kenya

"For me this training is a paradigm shift in my knowledge of Digital Financial Service and upward innovation in my role in Ghana DFS industry thus through liquidity management and operational efficiency. Wish all players in the industry to take advantage of this opportunity." Wisdom Alorwuse – Tigo - Ghana

"As a Finance Professional this training has exceeded my expectations and has been an eye opener by unlocking a lot of doubts in my mind on what are the right things to do when driving Digital Financial Services. I clearly see the areas in our agency network management that needs to be fixed. The knowledge is spot on for me at this time because we are still driving critical mass in our operation. I am very confident that with this new set of skills I will be able to influence my management and my teams to drive the change our business deserves to head the right direction. Thank you Helix for this amazing training opportunity." Samba Divine Mofor – Airtel - Chad

Who Should Attend?
Who should Attend: 

Mobile network operators, banks, financial institutions and third-party providers wanting strategic and operational clarity on how to best establish and grow an agent network. We offer three versions of the course:

1. Core: Tailored for those in nascent markets or start-up agent network deployments.

2. Advanced: Tailored for those in more mature markets or managing large agent networks.

3. Bespoke: Tailored for and offered in specific markets outside Kenya.

We recommend 2-3 participants attend from each organisation as experience shows that teamwork greatly improves strategy development.

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