Digital Transformation for Financial Institutions


Financial institutions have been increasingly facing pressure to go digital. The benefits are numerous. The digital transformation of financial institutions may result in a significant reduction in operational costs. It can considerably increase the outreach and efficiency of institutions and enable a better focus on client-centric solutions. However, as digital transformation is complicated and the operational challenges can quickly overwhelm institutions, there is a need for financial institutions to develop a common vision for digital transformation.

Course at a glance:
Course at a glance: 

This course will cover the following modules: 

  • Financial inclusion and digital financial services’ ecosystem
  • Importance and relevance of digital transformation for banks and microfinance institutions
  • Strategic planning for digital transformation
  • Product innovation for digital transformation
  • Process re-engineering for digital transformation
  • Delivery channel and distribution design
  • Risk management for digital transformation
  • Implementing digital transformation
Who Should Attend?
Who should Attend: 

We have designed this course specifically for directors and CXOs of financial institutions who are involved in high-level business strategy from financial institutions. Our course suits professionals who are actively considering digital transformation and implementing digital financial services.

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