Successful Agent Networks
30 Jan 2017
Maha Khan
Jim Williams
Special Thanks to The Business Analytics team at The Helix Institute of Digital Finance for their support.

There is no universal definition of a ‘successful’ agent network. Agent networks are a means to an end: providers use them to advance the objectives of their digital financial services (DFS) deployments. There are many different types of deployments, with many different objectives – from upselling mobile network operator’s (MNO) customers on DFS, to decongesting bank branches or building a brand profile. But there is a best-fit agent network for any given deployment. Starting with a clear value proposition and a well-informed understanding of the competition, a DFS provider can build an agent network that drives forward their objectives; objectives that have the right agents in the right places with the right support to build and serve a loyal customer base. In short, there are many types of success. This paper sets out The Helix’s system for analysing success in this complex context: a flexible approach allowing agent network managers and researchers alike to measure six dimensions of agent network success, and to categorise agent networks so that we can make fair comparisons between similar deployments. 

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Country: Kenya, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Various Countries, India, Zambia, Senegal , Uganda
Topic: Building a Successful Business Model, Agent Network Design and Development