Helix FI2020 Webinar - Digital Financial Services: Opportunities for MFIs
05 Nov 2015
Angela Wambugu

What Strategies Can MFIs Use to Successfully Engage in DFS?

Well, there are four basic paradigms MFIs can use to effectively go digital: 
- Buy a platform and become a provider. 
- Act as an agent / agent network manager for an e-money issuer (usually a bank or an MNO). 
- Leverage an established digital financial system to deliver its own products and services. 
- Limit its engagement to leveraging telecom networks for information sharing. 
The Helix Institute hosted a webinar exploring the opportunities abound for microfinance institutions in digital finance during the FI2020 Week event. This event was part of a week of global conversation exploring the most important steps to achieving full financial inclusion which will include partners from around the world participating in order to advance financial inclusion. 

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Country: Kenya, Various Countries
Topic: Building a Successful Business Model, Risk and Fraud, Agent Network Design and Development, Digital MicroFinance