Agent Network Accelerator Survey - Zambia Country Report 2015
26 Jan 2016
Akhand Tiwari
Irene Wagaki

Based on over 1,200 digital financial services  (DFS) agent interviews conducted between July and August 2015, the ANA Zambia report, funded by UNCDF MM4P Programme, highlights findings on the DFS agent landscape in Zambia covering agent profitability, transaction volumes, liquidity management and other important strategic considerations.

The findings illustrate that the Zambian market has grown increasingly competitive with five players vying for a piece of  the pie. Zambia is at a critical juncture, characterised by the widespread adoption of the Over the Counter (OTC) transaction methodology by customers and agents. Compared with East Africa, fewer agents are offering account registration as well as cash-in and cash-out services from the wallet. The Zambian DFS market could either shift to a OTC market like Pakistan or a wallet-based market such as Kenya.

Country: Zambia
Topic: Risk and Fraud, Data and Analytics, Digital Finance