Agent Network Accelerator Survey - Indonesia Country Report 2014
25 Feb 2015
Ghiyazuddin Mohammad
Elwyn Panggabean
Maha Khan
Grace Retnowati

Digital finance services (DFS) was launched several years ago in Indonesia but has not scaled without agent networks. Recent regulation in 2014, begins to pave the way for different players to build their networks, and could be an exciting catalyst for the country, but players must approach this complex task methodically and strategically which does not yet seem to be happening for the most part. The research is based on qualitative agent interviews carried out between October and November 2014, in seven locations on Java island, Jakarta, West Java (Bogor & Cirebon), Yogyakarta, Central Java (Gombong), and East Java (Surabaya and Pasuruan). CLICK THE PICTURE ABOVE TO READ THE REPORT IN FULL

Country: Indonesia
Topic: Agent Network Design and Development