Agent Network Accelerator Survey – Uganda Country Report 2013
15 Jan 2014
Kimathi Githachuri
Mike McCaffrey
Leena Anthony
Annabel Schiff
Anne Marie van Swinderen
Graham A. N. Wright

The Uganda Country Report is based on a national representative sample of over 2,000 mobile money agent surveys carried out in 2013. The report paints a picture of the stage of maturity of the market there, focusing on the operational factors of success, and residual challenges the country still faces.  

Key findings from the report:

- Profits are high, especially in rural areas, with 40% of agents making at least US$100 per month

- The majority of Agencies are 'new', with over 50% having been in business for less than one year

- Risk of fraud and challenges in communication with the provider, are the most burdensome agent management issues

- Daily a median of 3 transactions are lost per agent due to lack of float, and 10 due to system downtime. 

Download to read the report in full. You can also read our summary blog highlighting four key (and somewhat surprising) findings from the report here: Mobile Money Agents in Uganda: Sprinting Ahead but the Marathon's not yet over

Country: Uganda
Topic: Agent Network Design and Development, Data and Analytics, Digital Finance